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Buying a Vacation Manufactured Home in Florida

Buying a Vacation Home in Florida? You Should Consider Manufactured Homes.

Florida is one of the biggest states in the entire country for seasonal vacation homes. Whether you’re a retiree looking for that year-round warm weather or a snowbird looking to add Florida to your vacation lineup, the Sunshine State is great for tourism, relaxing waterfront views, and family trips.

While many consider owning a condo in Florida to spend time in during the winter or visit throughout the year, a manufactured home in Florida can offer incredible value at a low cost, making it perfect for young and old alike.

Here are a few of the reasons why manufactured housing is perfect for a vacation home in Florida.

More Privacy

With a manufactured home, you don’t have to worry about neighbors living in the same building as you. If they’re next to you, above you, or below you, unwanted noise may be heard from moving furniture, entertaining, or simply walking across the floor.

More Freedom, Inside and Outside

When it comes to the interior of a manufactured home, a variety of sizes and floor plans gives you more flexibility in how you arrange your home, unlike buying a condo where you have to settle for a fixed layout. 

Plus, if you don’t live under the jurisdiction of a community or Homeowner’s Association rules, then you’ll have the option to paint your home or plan your landscape to suit your style. Also, by owning your manufactured home, you may clean and perform maintenance on your schedule, too.  

More Value for Your Money

The biggest benefit to living in a manufactured home: the cost. The average price of a new manufactured home in Florida in 2021 was $101,139 (excluding land), according to Datacomp, that’s less than half of the average cost of a condo in Florida in 2021 was $252,000, according to Statista.

Keep in mind that you get all of the above benefits of a manufactured home – more privacy, more flexibility, and more freedom — for a price that’s significantly lower than a condo.

More Amenities for the money

If you buy your second home in a manufactured home community or mobile home park, you can take advantage of amenities and services that might not be available to you if you live in a condo.

Many manufactured home communities in Florida offer on-site swimming pools, spas, walking trails, dog parks, clubhouses, and social activities similar to and sometimes a lot more than you would get in a Condo.

There’s never been a better time to purchase a vacation home, and a manufactured home is perfect for retirees or young families alike. If you’re looking at purchasing a second home and want to give manufactured housing in Florida a shot, explore our website and check out the cost and availability of owning a manufactured home.

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